The Girlfriend Activation System Gets Girls Hooked On You

Many excellent reviews have been written about the Girlfriend Activation System.  It’s ranked highly by just about every major dating and relationship site that mentions it.  And for good reason.

Now in its second version (GFAS V2), the Girlfriend Activation System helps men become a woman’s “obvious choice”.  In other words, a woman sees you as the man she should be with instead of anyone else.  And that choice is obvious to her.

This is a system for guys who want a girlfriend.  Knowing how to get a girlfriend is a huge struggle for many men.  The road to finding that one girl you truly want to be with is often wrought with the mangled wrecks of past mistakes, dating failures, rejections, and disappointments.

Man Taking A Selfie With Sexy Butt
Is this the only “action” you get with girls?

And then all the questions from family and friends start.  “Why don’t you have a girlfriend?”  “Why haven’t you settled down with a nice girl yet?”  “Why are you still single?”  “Seeing anybody these days?”  Those questions always make for fantastic Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners when you’re the only one at the table who doesn’t have a “special someone”.

But I get it.  I understand.  I went “girlfriend-less” for a long, long time.  No guy wants to settle for just any girl.  No guy wants an ordinary girlfriend.  What we want is an AWESOME girlfriend.  That girl who makes us feel like no other woman ever has.

Yet, all too often, we do settle.  We settle for the one woman who smiles at us.  We settle for the one woman who gives us attention.  We settle for the one woman who seems to tolerate us.  Why?  Because most guys never learn the skills to approach and attract amazing women.

It’s all about finding the “right” woman.  A shortage of women obviously isn’t the problem.  Women are EVERYWHERE.  At school.  At the mall.  Walking down the sidewalk.  Next door in your apartment complex.   Across the street.  Everywhere you go, there are women.  So finding women isn’t the problem.

The problem is how to approach those women.  How to talk to them to create attraction.  How to make a great first impression and ask them out without it being awkward and uncomfortable.  How to escalate the relationship from “friendly” to “sexual” in the right way, at the right time.  How to be a challenge so she craves more and more of you.  How to get her hooked on you, so she doesn’t want to leave the minute a more physically gifted or richer man comes along.

Those are the things men struggle with.  Those are the things that kill a man’s self-esteem when not having those skills leads to rejection after rejection.  Those are the things that keep guys from getting the girlfriend they truly want.

If any of that sounds familiar, stop what you’re doing right now.  It can wait.

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